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Melbourne DJ Hire
Weddings are all about quality, and as such, Le Grand Style Weddings only use state of the art sound and lighting equipment.
Our music systems are built to perform. The equipment we use is internationally renowned, and is used by many musicians and recording artists worldwide.

Design is clean and attractive. Speakers are height adjustable to accommodate various room sizes.
We mix our music to give you a fantastic dance floor experience. You want your wedding to be fun and entertaining, therefore we place importance on giving your guests an experience to remember.
Music is all about depth and variety. It is for this reason that we select our music to cater for a broad range of tastes and ages.

We have a wide range of lighting options available to enhance the ambience of the evening.
Our planners can guide you through all various lighting and atmospheric options. It is important to remember not to confuse a wedding reception to a nightclub.
Our advice is simple – consider who will be attending your reception, the age groups present and think about the mood you want to create with lighting.

Sound is another element that plays an important factor to a successful function. We use Italian made speakers which provide crisp sound whilst delivering the perfect blend of low end base to really give the room a perfect feel. Design is clean and attractive which compliment the stands that are used for height adjustment.

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